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What is the level of satisfaction of the candidates who apply to our recruitment processes?

Source: Grupo Binternational's NPS average over the last 12 months (last updated 31/08/2023). Grupo Binternational's Net Promoter Score is a number from -100 to 100 calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractor candidates from the percentage of promoter candidates. 93 is an awesome figure. We are very proud that candidates appreciate our efforts to make them feel at home!

You are one step away from advancing your career

In addition to your salary, you should evaluate your wellbeing

What do GB candidates value most?

  • Feedback

  • Updates

  • Frequent communication

  • How we understand your profession

  • Closeness

  • Availability

What do candidates who have been involved in a GB selection process think?

  • I would highlight the communication and involvement that you have had with me, even after the process was closed. You manage to make you feel like THE candidate, not just another one.

    Mario Carrillo, Auxiliar Conservera

  • You have kept me constantly informed, even at times when the company needed time to think. In addition, I have perceived a differential value from you: the feedback, as this is an aspect that is normally overlooked by other consultancy firms.

    Lisseth Gómez, ASTI

  • I felt accompanied, you were constantly looking after me, worrying about how the process was progressing. Without a doubt, you have been on the client's side, even though you are accountable to the client.

    Luis Padrones, Benteler

  • I didn't feel like just another number but like a person. You have spent time with me, you have informed me about the next steps or if there were any changes in the process. Even this, what you are doing now, checking how my experience has been, I think is great. Also, sometimes consultancies don't look at what I'm looking for, they propose me something that I'm not interested in.

    Thu-Tra, ASTI

  • I have felt exceptional, you are at the top. I felt accompanied, I had weekly feedback, something that is usually missed. In addition, I would highlight your human quality, it is rare to find professionals who treat you with empathy, listening to you, letting you with empathy, listening to you, letting you explain yourself. It is one of the processes in which I have been treated the best. For me, this dedication to service is very important, it is a quality that stands out above all others.

    Mariano Tabuyo, Estel

  • It has been a very communicative process, you have initially explained to me all the steps I was going to go through in my application and you have always kept me up to date with any new developments. I would also like to highlight your closeness, I felt very supported by the consultant who managed my process.

    Laura Iniesta, Auxiliar Conservera

  • You are persuasive, you know how to get through to the person, you make it bearable. You make us feel that it was worth it. Without a doubt, I had a very good experience, you were close and professional.

    Nadia Espinosa, Himoinsa

  • I perceive a differential value with respect to other consultancies in the continuous information you provide. You have always kept me informed, you have been very transparent. In addition, I have felt supported.

    Christian Roqueta, ALDI

  • The whole process has been very personalised, with a very good treatment. I felt very comfortable. In my eyes, you have done a perfect job.

    Jorge Fernández, Axarnet

  • I value transparency and your commitment to follow-up and feedback, it is differential. In my experience with other consultancies, you are a step above.

    Pepe Morata, Linasa

  • I would highlight the way you approached me, the sympathy with which you treated me. In other cases I have felt invaded. Moreover, you have always kept me informed about the status of my process.

    Beatríz Marín, ALDI

  • I have felt quite well accompanied, whenever I have had any doubts or problems, you have always whenever I have had any doubts or problems, you have responded immediately. The treatment has been perfect.

    Carlos Elola, Vecoplan

  • I've done a lot of interviews and I really think that yours stood out because they were a good mix of a more analytical and aseptic part and a more personal skills part. It was a less superficial approach, there was preparation. I would also highlight your communication. As you can imagine, in this time of search, I've experienced everything, I've had the typical 'friends forever' calls and I've never heard anything again. And that makes me feel bad, because I expect to receive something in return after the time and interest I have dedicated to the call. In your case, the communication has been very professional.

    Carlos Rodríguez, MTech

  • I’ve participated in other recruitment process with other Portuguese companies and I can see the difference, especially in responses time. It has happened to me that it has taken weeks to get an answer from the consultant, but in GB it has been the opposite.

    Joao Neves, Iberian Media

  • My experience with my consultant has been great. She has been very attentive, asking questions, but without being overwhelming. She has been interested in how I have been doing, giving me facilities in the meetings.

    Daniel Velázquez, KSB

  • I have been looking for a new opportunity for a while and have been in contact with several consultancies. GB seemed to me to be the most serious in terms of follow-up. I knew that with any change I would be informed. Other companies contacted me and stopped giving me feedback.

    Víctor Rubio, Dimoldura

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